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cotejardin ([personal profile] cotejardin) wrote2017-03-09 07:20 pm

Chat transcript: Leadingman to ID#123636

I don't know where you are, but if you see this, could you find somewhere quiet to lie low a while and talk to me?
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I believe that I could do that, yes.

And need to get a name on this thing of some sort.

But, yes, of course. That was not exactly subtle was it?

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Knowing what I do of where you came from? That sounds like a safe assessment. I think if they're distracted, I can get to you.

Well, honestly, the moment was fairly cute. What else was I to do?
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Whatever I can do to keep you on solid ground, whenever.

Are they really? How tragic for all involved. I'm pretty sure I'll be all right to manage. I'll feel better when I see you.