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Dear friend,

It's been ages since I danced with you at that ball. I'm glad that this plume for your cotillion did well for you, or at least I hope it is well, since you've soared up in the ranks. I have a request of your time. I would like this letter to get to Judge Magister Gabranth, concerning Lord Larsa and my father, Dr. Cidolfus Demen Bunansa. Feel free to read as much of it as you care to, but I think you can understand my hopes for discretion, and for you, out of remembrance of your escort to a dance, let me take up some of his time.

Judge Magister Drace may be equally concerned, but I suspect she will find the details of this letter to be vague. Still, she may be willing to endorse its presence on his desk.

May health and happiness stay with you -
Ffamran mied Bunansa

Enclosed within-

Honorable Judge Magister Gabranth,

This is Ffamran mied Bunansa. I am not sure you remember meeting me off and on over the years, but I remember your commanding presence and clear honor and pride in your work.

I fear for Lord Larsa's safety.

Ah, you say, but everyone fears for Lord Larsa. He is young. He is a Solidor.

Lord Larsa has an interest in nethicite, much like my father. I have heard rumors that he has asked and obtained maps of the mines in Lhusu. I have heard rumors that he does not want to travel there with proper guards.

He wants to discuss the hows and wheres of my father's work with nethicite. He wishes to see the labs, and comprehend the full potential of it. My father, of late, cares only for the stones. I fear his interest has turned to obsession, or even a madness.

He does not see us, his children, as children, as much as pawns on a board, and he lays his glittering horde on the table and talks to Lord Larsa. I wish to speak with you, at some point, if I could, far from listening ears. I want to preserve the peace, and not risk destruction. Weapons are weapons, but it is men who use them to kill.

Please, if you can find the time, listen to my worries about my father's actions. And - if you are interested, I will gladly speak to you, if I know my siblings are safe.

In haste -

Ffamran mied Bunansa

Date: 2017-03-07 04:03 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] lessthanaman
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And your father intercepted this? I could imagine his anger, since you sound rightly afraid of him.

I fear some of this, beyond your fear of your father, and the worries about your father's interactions with Lord Larsa, is - vague? I suppose that's a term.

Lhusu Mines is in Bhujerba, and it's well known for strong magicite due to controlled mining by Marquis Ondore and his family. Beyond that - the name doesn't ring any bells other than being associated with magicite.
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Date: 2017-03-07 05:22 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] lessthanaman
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To stick to the less serious matters first - I was aware that your father visited Marquis Ondore more than once, and I was aware that high quality magicite was entering Draklor Laboratory. The exact connection between the mines and the lab wasn't something I'd considered. On the face of it, prior to involving Lord Larsa, it does not seem dangerous as much as subterfuge. More of your father's tendency to value an increase in the power for his weapons over all else.

Master Ff - Balthier. Master Balthier, you did not earn to be locked away in Nalbina Dungeons for writing to me about your father's association with Lord Larsa. You did not earn whatever violence was done to you, or the threats upon your family's safety.

Even had you written to me full of bluster and insults, you had not earned it.

Your father's actions are a blot on his honor, and you do not deserve blame for them. Even if you had committed a crime against the state, there is laws and judges to judge them, not your father's paranoia.


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