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The room's lovely. Either someone was very clever, or someone was informed we were managing better sleep as a group.

And ... uh - I found the box.

I'm just a little - wasn't it a risk to grab anything from my room before you went to Nalbina?

And - erm - I believe someone said that once I'd freshened up a little, I was to post something here, so the medical team here could visit. So - posting something. Hello, medical team?

Date: 2017-03-08 04:59 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] mrbarrow
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That WOULD create a really interesting conflict. I can't think what working would have been like if all three daughters had been Lady Crawley, not to mention the others running around the house. Head military scientist. There's a pressure in that to be sure. Mine made clocks. I suspect he was a trifle disappointed I didn't follow suit, but not much money in it when we needed it the most.

And ah on the way then. I'd like to start with just a look, and hopefully, something to help with pain likely needs cleaning and bandaging, I'd guess.


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