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cotejardin ([personal profile] cotejardin) wrote 2017-03-06 11:40 pm (UTC)

Speaking of people - did you hear that Judge Magister Gabranth was in Nalbina as well? It was apparently an open secret that he was arrested shortly after I was, but no one exactly knew why. I believe the T group also wanted to break him out.

Considering my father's conviction that I had something to do with his arrest or that I was somehow talking to him, I'm glad of that. I would not wish his paranoia on him.

It was odd, running into Gabranth once I remembered the past. I remembered him simmering with - rage. Anger about Landis. About your supposed betrayal because you wanted to live. Despite the fact that he ended up working for the very people that conquered Landis and his betrayal was far more than any spur of the moment choices you made at - what - my age? You guys were pretty young, weren't you?

When I saw him, this life, he was ... somber. He got angry about my father wanting to push me into the military, but never exactly said that. Just pointed out that twelve might be a bit young, and asked me the name of that stuffed lion I was dragging around.

That guy that contacted Tim? He apparently got moved from a pretty horrible post to a better one, thanks to a soldier that Gabranth promoted from the prisons due to deserving a better post. It does not match the image I remember of him.

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