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cotejardin ([personal profile] cotejardin) wrote2017-03-06 12:37 pm

Well, Tim, let's see if this is working.

Considering everything, I'm surprised my WPM isn't worse. We're safe right now. The T group of contacts offered a safe domicile with security measures. I assume this is secure, but it still feels like I need to talk about Mr. M or the like instead of names.

It's storming out, and I'm not getting to sleep soon. Anyone over there awake?
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There will be time yet for all of that. I can see taking plenty of care with that as it is. You know it will need to be carried off with a certain degree of style we probably need to prep for. Considering she IS worth that level of effort and waiting.

Ugh. Now there's a point I hadn't...Erugh. And your brother? Too damp?

There's a job that must be given to the truly desperate. He's likely glad he's out of THAT. And given the rest of...Well. Definitely power to have over someone. Interesting. In the worst possible of ways I should have come to expect.

I would very much enjoy that, yes.

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It IS a bit different this time around, though, isn't it? Considering what's already happened and...consider it a LITTLE mercenary but given the circumstances, I think I can hardly be blamed for that.

People can surprise you with their turns and changes, eh? I have seen that myself, lately. It can be quite the adventure, that, learning you didn't quite know someone as well as you'd thought.

Ahhhh well. That must be...Something. Sounds like a safe enough person to be in the company of, all considered.